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Our Founder

I'm on this journey too.

Wellness and fitness has always been a dedication and priority to me but the stresses of modern living, climbing the corporate ladder and burnout all left me feeling fatigue, stress, anxiety, mental fog, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances… I relied on a complex supplement routine but I was still far from feeling my best. These were symptoms that I was told to ignore by practitioners, but commonly shared amongst many of my friends, many women.

Then I started IVF.

While research states that the right nutrition and supplementation can improve health and fertility outcomes – having to face infertility was when I learnt that most products marketed for 'fertility' or 'women's health' do not meet the bar. In fact, some are placebos, low quality, full of fillers and synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good.

But where do you even begin? I've experienced firsthand how overwhelming supplementation and how hard the fertility journey can be. So I worked with health experts and examined the research to find out for myself – and there's so much I wish I knew sooner.

It was clear that the industry's one-size-fits-all approach to conception and fertility was due for a refresh. Despite my best diligence and efforts, I simply didn’t know better. And I knew I was not alone.

So, LunHer was born.

Unable to find the right products, I decided to build my own.

We began by starting important conversations and listening to you, then building our products with naturopaths, dieticians and women's health experts. I want to help the next Jojo make better, more informed decisions – no matter where she is on her journey, or what her health/wellness objectives are.

So, thank you so much for being here. Our journey towards a better tomorrow has just begun. I'm both excited and petrified for what the future holds – but we're all in this together.



Our Mission

LunHer is the antidote to the complicated world of supplementation.

We strive to simplify wellness by creating supplements that help you feel your best – and meet you wherever you are in your journey. 

We're intentional in what we bring to an already saturated market – spending years perfecting every last detail to create products that earn its place on your shelves and in your lives.

Our Story

LunHer [loo·nr]:the mysterious connection between the moon and the cycles of life

From dawn to dusk, we’re surrounded by a culture that glorifies hustle and busyness, and we’re often held to unrealistic expectations of ‘doing it all’ – by societal norms, others, ourselves. We default to resisting and ignoring our bodies when they do so much for us. Wellness has become elusive and complicated.

At LunHer, we believe wellness is a concept, multi-dimensional and ongoing, like you. We strive to simplify what that means the cycles of your life. We want to be a companion in your journey towards a better balance, and a better you.

Our Values

1) Science & Expertise

Embrace the science behind your body

We'll channel our love for science and amplify our trusted professionals to help you better understand your body, especially as your needs and bodies evolve.

Because we want you to be informed and empowered; because each body and each journey is different.

2) Holistic Wellness

This journey is complex, and it begins well before you're ready

At LunHer, we know firsthand that the fertility journey is complex and multi-dimensional: physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and so much more. And it begins well before you're ready.

We're tired of the antiquated products and approach to fertility today – so we strive to be better.

3) Permission to Rest

Invest in Rest

In a busy world that doesn't seem to slow down, LunHer is here to help invite more rest and intention into your lives. It's about the little things that make life cozier and simpler.

We're all in this together.